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Countries not requiring visas for a US permanent resident with Ukrainian passport?

Please visit the Egyptian Embassy home page

What are travel costs in Egypt?

It depends on where you are travelling from, what type of tour you are looking for (adventure tour as felucca sailing or more comfortable Nile cruise experience), accommodation (category of hotels)

What do you travel on to get to Egypt?

Egypt Air is the national air carrier and offers flights from many destinations. If you are traveling from Europe, USA, South America, and from other countries, you should consult your travel agent for available flights. If traveling from Israel, Jordan and other Middle Eastern bordering countries, you may cross the borders by road transport and ferries.

How long does the flight from New York City to Cairo take?

A direct non-stop flight takes 12 hours and 11 minutes depending on winds, weight and type of aircraft. It's 5,607 statute miles.

How many people travel to Egypt every year?

In 2007 there were 11 million visitors; in 2010 their number reached 14.7 million. However, after the revolution of 2011 the number of tourists visiting Egypt has dropped to 9.8 million. Around 11.5 million people visited Egypt in 2012, though in 2013 this number declined again to 9.5 million. According to preliminary data, the number of visitors in first half of 2014 equals 4.4 million.

What are some travel tips for Egypt?

Health - bring a supply of any medicines you are taking on a regular basis; as well don't forget bringing the prescription. However, you can feel safe as in case of any serious trouble your hotel or cruise boat staff will find you a doctor instantly. Clothing - Dress conservatory and ensure that limbs are covered when you are entering any mosque or when you are walking around the public area, such as Cairo downtown. Men must refrain from wearing shorts. Make sure that you remove your footwear before entering a mosque. Photography - Taking photos inside the tombs on the West Bank of Luxor is restricted, though photography is allowed in many other ancient sites, mosques and temples. Be aware that now the government charges for the privilege of doing so. Due to new policies put in place by the Ministry of Tourism cameras are not permitted at all in the Valley of the Kings. Please exercise caution and respect, when taking photographs of anything other than tourist sites. It is forbidden to take photographs of police, anything of a military nature or indeed bridges, airports and public works. Respect should be given to Egyptian women, use discretion. Always ask permission before taking photos of people, and expect to be asked for a tip in return. Some other tips - If you give money to one kid, you'll be giving it to all of them. Take plenty of bottled water wherever you go. Have a lot of extra "baksheesh" - tip money, you might need it for all the minor things. Learn the words "no" - "la'a" and "thank you" - "shokran". You'll need that!

Can I travel to Egypt with a police caution?

You are required to apply for visa if you have EVER been arrested, regardless of any conviction .

How much does it cost to travel to Egypt from Philippines?

It depends on the number of the days you plan to stay in Egypt, on the type of accommodation, tour type (felucca, Nile cruise, all inclusive). Don’t forget the cost of your flight ticket and daily expenses.

Do Mexicans need a visa to travel to Egypt?

Yes, Mexican citizens do need a visa to travel to Egypt. You can call any Egyptian Consulate and ask, where the nearest consulate is and whether you can obtain your visa by mail. It takes from 2 to 6 weeks in USA to get passports and visas. It is also possible to obtain it at the airport upon arrival to Cairo, though you'd better call the consulate to make sure this has not changed.

Can I travel to Egypt if my passport has 1 month before it expires?

All foreigners arriving in Egypt should have a valid passport with at least 6 months left before expiry date to get an entry visa.

What do I need to travel to Cairo from USA?

The answer would be same as the question (funny): flight ticket, valid passport, valid international bank card (or cash) and travel insurance. …The rest we can arrange for you… (LOL)

Is it safe for a woman to travel in Egypt with friend?

I never really had any problem, to be honest. The only annoying thing if I have to name one is the verbal harassment in the streets, but this happens to Egyptian women as well. The only way to deal with it is to not pay attention and move on. Sometimes it becomes very irritating, but reacting doesn’t really work. Hopefully, this habit will come to an end at some point! There is nothing forbidden in Egypt. You don’t have to be covered or anything like that. Just remember that the more you show, the more you’ll draw attention, so try to cover at least your shoulders and cleavage, and don’t wear shorts or mini skirts. It’s just a matter of feeling comfortable and fitting in. I recommend sneakers or closed shoes, but just in order to be comfortable and to avoid getting too dirty. Sometimes the streets can be in very poor condition, both maintenance and cleanliness wise.

Will it ever be safe to travel to Egypt after this revolution?

I would definitely recommend everyone to visit Egypt. Everyone must know: whatever happens in Tahrir Square, the rest of Cairo and the rest of Egypt remain perfectly safe. This doesn’t mean that the protests are not important, but tourism-wise there are no complications at all. If there’s a demonstration on the same day you’re in Cairo and you’re concerned about your safety, just move a couple of minutes away from Tahrir Square and you’ll be perfectly fine.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Egypt?

I will suggest you to read the story published in the blog of Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News.

What is the best and the CHEAPEST time to travel to Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is the period from October to May, though it is the peak travel season, when most travelers come to these countries; this makes the season the most expensive. Summer months (June, July & August ) are the cheapest but the hottest.

When is it the best time to travel to Egypt on holidays?

The best time to visit Egypt is from October to May. Though it is the peak travel season, when most travelers come, the temperatures are a lot better for those not used to the heat. Within these 8 months there are 2 periods of what are known as “High Season” (the Christmas/New Year period and the Easter Period) when hotels and cruises will put their prices up, though you will find that special events like Gala Dinners are also laid on for their customers. This can mean that some hotels become really expensive, so making your reservations very early, even for the budget hotels, is strongly advised. The other 4 months, May to October, is the Egyptian summer, and the temperatures can often be very high, especially in Upper Egypt (Luxor and the southern parts of the country). However, this is a time in which you can see Egypt in virtual peace and quiet ; this period gives you an advantage of seeing the tourist sites without hassle from school children, or from the crowds of tourists.

What is the best way for a student, who wants to travel to Egypt?

We suggest you group travel tours, just because everything is planned out for you for some of the day they do all the reservations for you) and then you could venture off on your own for the rest.

I wanna travel to Egypt in a tour group and stay in the cheapest hotel?

Egypt offers a wide variety of 3-star hotels ; the prices there range from $12 to $20 per night in a double room. Backpacker services are not popular in Egypt, although there are a few of these available only with us . If you decide you need help arranging all or part of the trip, don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I request a group quote from Travelish Tours?

Email us on Be prepared to provide your travel dates, number of seats, departure and arrival cities for any flights. Do you have a specific budget, flexible dates/times or any other specific requirements? Let us know. Your Groups Specialist who will contact you within 24 hours.

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