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Expat guide to Egypt

Discover Egypt and its cities ,Are you new to Egypt? Our expat guide to Egypt can help you get started ✓Learn about working and living in Egypt ... Or are you already an expat and have recently relocated to Cairo, Hurghada or some other international Egyptian city?

You suffering to find a domestic help here in Egypt. Don't worry you are in the safe hands. Here is like a big family everyone is willing to help. This made us feel comfortable in Egypt very quickly."

This service is totally free as a kind of help and sample of hospitality here in egypt just contact us.

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If you book a Tour package within this month

– you may choose 2 complimentary activities from the following list:
  1. Camel ride by the Pyramids
  2. Lunch in a typical Egyptian restaurant
  3. Free Traditional Felucca ride in the Nile(Cairo or Luxor – your choice)
  4. Cairo by night – trip to Khan el Khalili and photo stop by the Nile at night
  5. Alexandria by Horse Carriage, along Cornish and photo stop by the Mediterranean sea
  6. glass boat to see coral reef and various kind of fish in sharm el sheikh in red sea
  7. Hurghada on your own to discover the real life in this city .. travel like a local
  8. ride a donkey or take a bicycle in siwa oasis

A picture to remember

Only For 5 USD

For the first time .. for people dreaming to come to egypt but they can't by any resans we will give you a new experience , send us your name , we will write it and on the same pic with The beautiful Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one that still remains completely intact. We will give you a great shoot .. a pic to remember … Just contact us.

Egyptology online courses

How is better than Egyptian Egyptology professor to let you know the secrets of Egyptology, how many time heard those words (I visited Egypt as a holiday and fell in love with the place; I wanted to learn more) If you are interested in Egyptology

Apply for this course ... Working with leading experts in the field, you will study the history, culture, religion and evolving thought-systems of Ancient Egypt, all you need internet connection , any time suitable for you ,, just contact us.

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