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Woman Travel tours (ladies trips) in Egypt

Welcome to Woman Traveler tours –tours where you will experience, explore, make friends, and make memories.

We are committed to excellent service and value and have a genuine desire to make your tour the trip of a lifetime.
Our specialty tours were created in 2003 for women who enjoy travelling in small groups to beautiful places.
Women who travel with us are from all over the world with an even mix - single, married, widowed and divorced. ? No worries... we're here to help and reassure. Don't let the "newness" of the experience stand between you and your travel dreams. Once you take that first trip, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
We invite women all over the world to join our specialized tour for women in Egypt, Women of all ages,
Women of any Interests can join us for cultural immersion travel experiences in Egypt.

Egypt is a safe country that women can travel alone in Egypt without any kind of concerns; you would feel safer than walking in many European cities.
This is one of the common programs in Egypt. Kindly note that
Other programs can also be rearranged to fit with your requirements
and women travelling.
‘women only’ tours & adventures in Egypt ‘offers
– All our women tours leaded by very professional woman guide.
-We provide ( the oriental themed spa and slimming) Egyptian & Arabic Spa
-Enjoy a relaxing milk bath like Queen Cleopatra.
-pamper your skin by our Dead Sea salt or have refreshing Moroccan bath.
– Have fun to join some Belly dance classes in Belly dance school
– Recognize the Egyptian society in depth
-Explore the river Nile on luxury cruise
-Visit old Cairo and the Egyptian museum
-Discover the ancient cities of the Nile
– Visit Nubians and make ( Henna Tattoo) Nubian Tattoo
• There are many more ideas for Women only Travelish Tours
• Write to or call us via live chat, and let us know where and when you would like to travel.
• Other destinations can also be rearranged to fit with your requirements