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Pay-what-you-like tour

Pay-what-you-like tour (Alexandria, Cairo)
We believe in the Beauty of Egypt and we want to share that Love and that beauty with you,
For the first time in Egypt we offer you Pay-what-you-like tour. Here we are again take the lead and provide the first free tours in Egypt. We try to support the Egyptian Tourism.
explore this extraordinary city, uncover hidden stories and taste world-renowned cuisine. Our entertaining guides and wide range of tours offer a unique and interesting experience to this city that reinvents itself every day.
There’s more to Egypt than just what you can see through the windows of a bus. You will be moving through the city on foot just like locals do, experiencing not just the sights, but the spicy exotic aromas urging you to stop for refreshment at a traditional coffee shop or for a famous Egyptian meal.
How can a FREE Tour be one of the best in Egypt?
The answer is simple: because the informed, entertaining, and unforgettable self-employed guides on their FREE Tours work on a tips-only basis, the highest quality is guaranteed! They’ll never pressure you to tip – even though the guides receive no compensation from our host cities for the FREE tours they provide. We believe that if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveler. Even though the guides appreciate tips, your applause means so much more, and they are happy to welcome you as their guest!
Connecting great guides with smart travelers
We believe in supporting our local communities and are committed to giving a voice to self-employed guides who have chosen Egypt as their home. By ensuring that every fluent English-speaking guide represents our unique style of mixing history and storytelling while maintaining their own personality and flair, we’ve become one of the most popular tour companies in the world. Helping superb independent guides connect with travelers , we give these local freelancers the opportunity to inform and entertain you, and they employ us to spread the news about this great concept.
Your professional tour guide will provide you with all the information, stories and history of the streets, buildings and sights, explaining the customs and traditions of the City where they live and work. so get off the bus and walk…. like an Egyptian!
This tout perfect for Students studying in Egypt scholarship or working here to explore Egypt more ,don't hesitate and contact us, let Egypt welcomes you the best.
P.S this tour available now in Cairo and Alexandria
Where: Information on tour starting point will be sent within the reservation confirming Email.
Duration: Most of our tours are approximately 4 hours. Depends on the group dynamic, traffic and the weather.
Cost: Pay What You Like! - Our guides work exclusively for your appreciation. You choose how much you thought the tour was worth.
Reservations: reservation has to be confirmed by an Email, CWT reserves the right to reject the ones who come without the reservation
• Please be aware that the tour doesn't include any entrance tickets
• Write to or call us via live chat, and let us know where and when you would like to travel.
• Other destinations can also be rearranged to fit with your requirements