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Golf tour..stay and play

So you're sitting there, looking forlornly out the window at the five feet of snow in your yard that just won't melt, and you decide to make a list of places around the world you'd love to go on a golf vacation.
Scotland, check. Ireland, check. Spain's Costa del Sol, check. Egypt, check.
Wait … Egypt?
Travelish tours have begun a major push to attract golfers to its little corner of the world. Specifically, the country wants to become a world leader in attracting golfers traveling with their instructors.
Egypt offers "the best possible conditions where teaching pros have everything they need to develop the relationship with their golf club members in the winter months,"
Plenty of people already travel to Egypt to visit the Pyramids in Giza, soak up the culture in Alexandria, go shopping in Cairo and hang out on the beach in Sharm-el-Sheikh. Soon enough, a significant number of those tourists might add golf to their to-do list.
Travelish tours have a complete understanding of the needs and expectations of the travelling golfer in order to make your golf vacation a memorable experience.
We assist both local and international golfers experience the many great golf courses & regions of Egypt

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