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Fishing trips
Tourists visiting Egypt often have one of two things in mind – a trip to the Valley of the Kings or a spell on the Red Sea Riviera. What plenty of people don’t know is that there are some exceptional fishing opportunities available. Egypt is a Wonderful fishing destination for both Saltwater and fresh water fishing .The main destinations are the Red Sea, Mediterranean, and the legendary Lake Nasser
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What do we catch in Lake Nasser ?
Lake Nasser is home to one of the largest freshwater fish an angler can tangle with – the awesome Nile perch which grows to sizes exceeding 200lbs – and fishing safaris to tackle this behemoth are a unique experience. Although Lake Nasser is famous for the Nile Perch, there are other species that if fished with balanced tackle, can and do provide great sport. These include Tiger fish, Vundu catfish and on light fly tackle, the bread and butter fish of the lake Tilapia.
What do we catch in Red Sea?
The Red sea is a magnificent destination if you are after Bottom fishing, trolling, popping, and jigging. The shore is more than 1000KM in length with a variety of fishing grounds and undiscovered spots that surprise you with a wide range of tropical and game fishing species including Giant Barracuda, Monster GT’s, Jack, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Dog Tooth Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Bonitos, Skip Jacks, Giant Coral Trouts, Groupers, Emperors, Red Bass, and lots of other surprises.
Best Fishing seasons in red sea
1- From February to end of July.
2- From mid October until end of January.
• Never fish shark, turtles, Napoleons, ornamental fish or sea cucumber.
• A few other fish species, though not endangered, are better to avoid fishing.
• Certain fish types cannot be fished during their spawning months.
• Never fish on or near a coral reef.
• Do not fish in the Marine Protected Areas.
• Never use a fishing net, harpoon or spear gun.
• Avoid catching young fish.
• Do not touch the coral.
• Do not leave rubbish - especially plastics.
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