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Defined by the International Eco Tourism Society as "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people", an eco lodge should do the same by striving to protect the natural and cultural environment in which it exists. The makeup of an eco lodge can differ greatly, and being ‘green’ doesn’t mean being rustic or simplistic. Eco lodges can vary from tented camps and huts, to luxurious spa retreats.If you’re staying at an eco lodge you can typically expect it to have the following characteristics: It should :
• Have been built in an environmentally friendly way.
• Have an environmental impact that is, if anything positive.
• Be staffed by and benefit local people and the community
• Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
• Be powered by alternative energy
• Use environmentally friendly water and waste solutions
• Serve meals containing fresh/organic produce grown in the ground or locally within the community
• Generally serve to benefit the environment and community in which it exists.
Egypt is a home to many eco lodges that help travelers in enjoying green and responsible stay in this country. Eco tourism is still in its growing phase here and many new properties are now being constructed to cater to people looking to travel in a green way. The majority of such green lodges are located in Sinai Peninsula, but some also exist near the Siwa Oasis and the Red Sea Coast area. Some of the eco lodges in Egypt which are liked by tourists for offering them a guilt-free, environment-friendly holiday include:
Basata Eco lodge in Sinai, which is the first eco lodge in the country.
Al Karm in Sinai is an eco lodge with 8 rooms and a maximum capacity of 40 passengers at one time. The lodge makes use of only solar power and no electricity is consumed for heating water for guests.
Bedouin Valley Eco Lodge in Marsa Alam it offers options to stay either in a chalet or a bungalow.
Um Tobdoba eco lodge in Marsa Alam is ideal to undertake the many water activities
El Hammra eco lodge in Nile Delta is known for its rich history and ancient traditions
Taziry in Siwa is another eco lodge
Adrere Amella in Siwa region has no electricity and is lit by beeswax candles and stars all night
Desert Rose eco lodge in Bahariya Oasis has no air conditioning and uses traditional techniques to ensure cooling for guest rooms.
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