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Explore the amazing coral reefs of the Red Sea
According Leonardo Di Caprio latest post on Instagram:
"More than 1,000 species of fish call this reef home, and many of them are exclusive to the region. #RedSea corals has a unique tolerance to extreme temperatures and salinity, which is increasingly important in light of climate change and Global Warming"
Travelish Tours is very proud to present its own crew of divers fully equipped with all kind of facilities and experience for your comfort and joy, We are waiting for you in Egypt to explore together the wonders of the Red sea from the far southern part, down to the deepest northern point. It doesn't matter if you have never dived before, if you're a beginner or a veteran, you'll find the right program for you and you'll surely be coming back for more ( will create the best diving experience for you.
We can customize your desired packages from two days till week in any destinations.
• Write to or call us via live chat, and let us know where and when you would like to travel.

We have Diving tours for you in:
1. Hurghada
2. Sharm El-sheikh
3. Dahab
4. Marsa Alam
5. Alexandria
6. El Gouna
7. Safaga