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With its carefully organized Travelish Tours Bike tours, Explore all relaxes in our destinations
For years we have been sharing our love for bikes with visitors from around the world. Each day is an opportunity for us to deliver our Five-Star Service to all of our guests
We hope that the memories you make with us will last a lifetime.
Our expert English speaking guides will show you the city in an entertaining and funny way.
The bike tours are divided into 4 categories, which we will discuss in this section. .

Bike-Tour landscaping
exercise in the fresh air is the motto of Bike Scenery Tour! At a leisurely pace, you will ride about 25 to 35 km on your bike trip and explore breathtaking natural landscapes. Many stops for relaxing and enjoying are included in these tours. Whether you are looking for enchanting beaches or impressive viewpoints, you should never forget the camera.

Bike-city tour
Sporty through the big city! Experience important cities once from the bike. Whether by city and pedestrian zones, or through small streets and magnificent boulevards, you will reach all the major attractions. Relaxing breaks in unforgettable places make these bike trips a fascinating experience.
Bike-active tour
for passionate cyclists and sports enthusiasts! With the bike-active tours, you can conquer steep mountains and experience sporting adventures. The well-earned breaks on your 30 to 50 km long bike trip can be enjoyed on dream beaches, in the midst of nature or in pretty places.

E-bike tour
Cycling with additional energy boost. This is an electrically powered bike that supports the driver at a speed of 25 km / h when kicking. Thus, even strenuous ascents and headwinds can be mastered by everyone. Of course, on our e-bike tours the sights and breaks are not too short.
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