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Be My Guest
We know that nowadays there is a great demand from travellers in escape the routinely tour packages, and the major tourist crowds. But above all, we know that it has become indispensable the contact with the locals, learning the culture and the involvement in the day-by-day life of the people who live in the country we are visiting.
And because we are travelers, and we feel this need whenever we travel, we decided to provide you a safe journey, full of culture, adventure and fun, always providing a direct, natural contact with the locals. Through this you really get to know the local culture by eating, shopping, drinking and relaxing in the same places as the locals do.
If needed, when you get in touch to plan your tour we will discuss your specific accommodation requirements. We will provide a range of options for your particular tour, before you book the holiday.
Want to know the History and Heritage Sites?
Our experienced guides can show you some of the history of Egypt behind the landscape, the buildings and the outline of its streets.
All our visits can be customized according to what you feel could be more interesting to you.
We know the city backwards and we will only choose the best just for you.
Customized tours to fulfill all your expectations in the areas History, Religion, Gastronomy, Architecture, Tiles or Nightlife and more.
• Write to or call us via live chat, and let us know where and when you would like to travel.
• Other destinations can also be rearranged to fit with your requirements , if it's possible